‘Peter has a calm, peaceful manner. His passion for music fosters the creativity within each individual. They not only learn to play sensitively but are encouraged with their own compositions. From day one, Peter looks upon them as musicians rather than piano students.’

Claire - Mother of 8 year old Daughter - Camberwell


‘…ten years of piano lessons include…many great memories of night concerts held in warm rooms lit up by candlelight…hundreds of wonderful pieces memorised, performed and treasured…pleasure given to others through my performances, especially those of my original compositions…

‘Piano music is a wonderful way to express feelings and develop your personality. Peter created such a free, supportive environment…Regarding my AMEB experiences…I have received nothing below honours.’

Danny (19) - University Student - Glen Iris


‘Peter Carthew has led my son Lex (13) through a remarkable transition. In parallel to the development of his technical skills, Peter has also taught him to appreciate the emotional side of music. It is amazing to hear what difference this new dimension makes.’

 Bozena - Business Consultant – Warranwood


‘Taking piano lessons from Peter has played a pivotal part in both my musical and life journey. When I first came to Peter, my piano skills were of a very basic level. Throughout the course of two years, I was able to successfully sit my 8th grade examination. Peter introduced me to a repertoire of music that has shaped my inner world… pieces of such beauty and strength I never imagined myself being able to play… He helped me to take charge of my dreams, to work hard and to achieve what was truly important… I cannot thank him enough.’

 Simone - Music Teacher/Music Therapy Student - Elwood


‘You have made me feel as if I was your only pupil, and yet at the same time you have made me feel as if I have been part of a community of  musicians, especially when we are introduced to each other at your concerts… The discipline and concentration required… does paradoxically induce a relaxation from the stresses of ordinary life.’

Michael - Consultant/Physician - Ringwood


‘I am a mature age student, aged 78 years, and while working my way through 8th grade, I transferred to Peter in January 2004… Lessons themselves are always enjoyable, concentrated and full of relevant content… Student concerts… help a reticent, isolated pianist… advance towards being an enthusiastic and confident public performer. I have taken part in one of these concerts… with an audience of 150 people, and benefited enormously.  

 Dennis - Retired Quantity Surveyor - Balwyn North

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"We are at the beginning of understanding the relationship between music and human intelligence, but the evidence is clear that music enhances how we think, reason and create..." "Music is the window to higher brain function."
Dr. Gordon Shaw.
Author of Keeping Mozart in Mind.
Academic Press, through JR Medical Books