Testimonials   (cont.)

‘Peter possesses the art of making the most nervous student feel relaxed, allowing their creativity to emerge in a free-flowing way. Each student’s individuality is nurtured and respected… He has played a major part in my son maintaining his passion for the piano, studying for exams and entering the Melbourne (Uni) Conservatorium.’

 Sue - Past Student and Parent - Glen Iris


‘Music with Peter gave me much needed therapy following my husband’s passing. It opened me to a timeless world of beauty… gave me back my confidence.’

 Jill (79) - Retired Nurse - Croydon


‘It continues to be a great joy to hear my daughter, Chloe creating music and refining her musical ability with Peter each week, as she has done for the last 9 years. Serious illness in her first year resulted in very low vision, a moderate intellectual disability, and the left side of Chloe’s body being quite incapacitated. Damaged eyesight meant that Chloe accessed her world generally through sound and, more specifically, through music.

‘The piano has become a central hub in Chloe’s life that keeps a lot of other cogs whirring and developing. Her increasing skill in piano playing has under-pinned and impacted on so many other parts of her world.

 ‘Over the years, the partnership between Peter and Chloe has been fundamental, and today, Peter remains a key focus of inspiration for Chloe to achieve her primary purpose in life – to make the best music she can.

 ‘When Chloe started lessons with Peter in 1996, she was only able to use the thumb and index finger of her left hand. Now she plays four octave scales and arpeggios with both hands.

 ‘But in addition to patiently teaching her important aspects of technique, Peter attends to Chloe’s heart and spirit. Rather than working to a ‘curriculum’, Peter wholeheartedly supports her need to follow her own musical paths and side roads. He knows that the creative process (and the joy this brings) is the essence of the musical experience, and that each person’s journey is unique.’

 Julia - Music Teacher - Kew


‘I had always wanted to learn the piano… then a long period of trauma left me shattered… Now, after two and a half years, as an adult beginner with Piano for the Whole Person, I would say that Peter Carthew is not an ordinary piano teacher. He is an artist of rare imagination with a dedicated gift for healing through creativity… I suspect Peter uses the mystery and beauty of music as an enchantment to transform frogs gradually into princes!’

Rachel - Teacher - Box Hill


‘…reduced to zilch activities through extended chemo, I happened to find a flyer of Peter’s which sounded ideal. No way did I want challenge or pressure in my condition… having got ‘so far’ with piano in my teens, then doing nil until my late thirties; again, having a go for 18 months, then stopping for nearly 30 years… after 4 or 5 years… Peter guided me to a penultimate level… Now trying to restore the wonderful music he chose for me… never fails to bring a feeling of restoration… In Peter’s hands, and with a little faith and perseverance in your own… nothing but progress can happen… before long you are on the pathway to hours of enjoyment and fulfilment.’

 Anne - Retired Ballet Dancer - Croydon

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"Music touches our innermost being and in the way produces new life, a life that gives exaltation to the whole being, raising it to that perfection in which lies the fullfillment of man's life."
         Hazrat Inayat Khan